Nicole Mickelow, Owner & Producer/Director Mnemonics Media



For over 16 years, I had the opportunity to work in various roles as part of Marketing and Communications divisions for great organizations and brands. Making moves from television news writing to creative services management and onto leading digital departments, I was fortunate to build broad experience as well as valuable relationships. All of that has culminated in the launch of my own business which allows me to utilize those skills and tap into those connections to help clients with their digital needs.

In the last decade, working specifically in the realm of digital, my experience has encompassed:

  • Website/mobile/video production
  • Digital & content strategy
  • Project management and results analysis
  • Email marketing strategy & deployment
  • Digital marketing campaign creation & implementation
  • Social media planning & management
  • Creative & branding development
  • Budget & resource oversight
  • Team leadership & development

I believe that you do your best work when you care about what you do…and can have fun and laugh along the way too! A passionate and creative facilitator who understands the importance of a strong digital presence and all of the steps and resources involved. I have also developed a knack for balancing the needs and goals of organizations with those of their clients.

I look forward to sharing that creativity, passion and expertise with your organization. Let’s make your next digital project memorable!